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landport batteries

Improved SHD and SMF batteries
Our improved SHD and SMF batteries are being produced according to the latest ConCast technology, creating optimal quality negative and positive grids. This innovative production technology results in premium quality batteries with better cyclic ability and longer life expectancy. Look at the total line Dynac Professional!
Dynac Professional

New Merchadise
The last few weeks we have been busy designing and ordering cool items. All these items are combined in a merchandise document that is available from today for the brands LP batteries, Dynac and Landport Batteries. There are very fun and useful promotional products who can be ordered. From energy drinks to large flags. In short, must-have items! Ask your representative about the possibilities.

Digatron charger at landport batteries
Our batteries are always recharged when they are transported to you, our customer. To do this, new Digatron battery chargers have been installed. These high-end chargers are fully software controlled and a specific charging program has been developed for each type of battery. Batteries can be charged with these chargers in a professional and efficient manner, which suits Landport Batteries as the European battery specialist.
Digatron Charger

New Features website
To make our website as accessible as possible for you, we have a number of new functionalities on our website. Besides that you can already search for a product on the homepage, you can now also compare products. The new compare function makes it possible to compare as many as 3 batteries. This way you will find the right battery even faster!
final sale
Are you interested in one of these items? Please contact your account manager.
Final sale
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